What’s the Challenge?

It’s estimated over 80 million presentations are given around the world everyday. Most of them are not making the most of their opportunity, and billions are lost yearly on dull speeches with little follow through and no power. Isn’t it time we communicated better? The goal of a great presentation is not its completion, but in how much the audience remembers and acts.  In both prepared and impromptu situations we need the ability to deliver more powerful audience focused speeches.

Key Take-Aways

  • Increased knowledge about different ways of communicating with different audiences.
  • How to craft a speech that creates memory and action.
  • How to establish stage presence and rapport with the audience.
  “There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”   — Alexander Greg

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” 
— Alexander Greg

Core Modules Include

Pre-session: A brief online assessment of presentation style/ability and program goals and a short 3 page pre-reading.

Developing Charismatic Presence (body language and voice): This sessions dives into the power of presence- analyzing the problems we cross culturally as well as individually with body language and voice, and how we can each strategically work on improving ourselves to better connect with an audience in a confident manner. Included are extensive exercises to practice elements of body language and voice, and this module closes with a recorded story-telling session that maximizes participant presence.

Building a Better Message for Audience Action: This module begins by examining common problems with content: the amount we share, the kind of information we use, and the way we take audience concerns into account. Having raised awareness of the issues we then take our morning speeches and systematically rework them using a clear persuasive template that delivers technical content in a memorable way.

Sample Activities

  • Recorded Speech delivery and feedback
  • Body language exercises
  • Vocal exercises
  • Speech crafting
  • Q&A practice
  • PowerPoint Visual Makeover

Optional Modules

Dealing Positively with Difficult Questions: We recognize that preparing a good speech is hard, but answering questions on the spot is even harder. We’ll benchmark Q&A ability and then learn key methods for rapidly answering and redirecting questions in a positive manner.

Speaking to the Media: Whether handling an interview or conference, dealing with PR, or managing a crisis conversation— speaking with the media involves a unique skilled approach to develop trust, deliver quality information, and stay on message without devolving into vague double-speak.

Visuals that Engage: Perfect for participants that need to use visuals and Powerpoint extensively-we cover key problems of message overload and poor visual/content alignment, as well as how to rapidly prototype better visuals to overcome them.

Advanced Speech Structure: Having developed a strong core speech structure, in this module we turn to advanced use of transitions, audience analysis, and phrasing techniques to build in stronger rapport, memory, and commitment.

Impromptu Speaking: Prepared speaking is one thing…and even Q&As can be managed by most- but what happens when you have to come up an organized message on the spot that is persuasive, succinct, and memorable? This double module covers techniques and organizational patterns to remove the stress of sudden speaking.

Delivering Technical Content to Non-technical AudiencesShaw once said the USA and UK are “two countries separated by a common language.” The same could be said about technical content being delivered to non-technical audiences- getting your message across simply without losing the details is an increasingly important must in business.


Want to Know More?

Download our 2015 training brochure here.

Training is available to be delivered in a variety of lengths and for different group size and ability levels. It is differentiated industry by industry, as well as customized with specialized case studies to meet the unique needs of each organization. For information on formats see a brief overview here, or get in touch with us at joshua@1221.blue. We’re happy to tailor our programs to your specific needs!

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Insightful Selling: How do we go beyond simple relationship or consultative based selling and establish ourselves as trusted advisors providing real insights? This course extends persuasive skills learned in Powerful Speaking with an interactive sales focus.