What’s the Challenge?

What does selling mean today? The sales landscape has drastically changed, and modern clients don’t want to be sold to in the same way as a decade ago.  Endless questions followed by ‘matching’ skills are frustrating busy clients as they struggle to understand the value in giving up precious time to provide information: in doing the sales rep’s homework for them. Clients are better informed than before and looking for a different approach- one that is more proactive than reactive, that positions the sales rep as a trusted advisor bringing new insights for the problems and opportunities on the horizon, rather than only dealing with the established challenges of today.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Create conversations with clients focused on ideas and insights
  • Identify clients most likely to be receptive to new ideas, and position ideas better
  • Create insights through powerful questions
  “Customer loyalty is a product of how you sell, not what you sell. ”   – Matthew Dixon

“Customer loyalty is a product of how you sell, not what you sell. ” 
– Matthew Dixon

Core Modules Include:

Pre-session: A brief online assessment of sales style/ability and program goals and a short 3 page pre-reading.

Consultation vs. Insights: Are insights just another new name for the same old methods, and if not…how really are they different and why do they work? This module details key changes in the sales landscape from a client perspective, and explores why although consultative techniques have a place, by themselves they are not enough in a complex selling environment. 

Generating Insights: We know we need insights, but that is easier said than done— how did we actually create them? If Insightful Selling is only sales team driven it cannot succeed- deep research is required to truly create “aha” moments with a client. Here we examine key systems for uncovering real differentiation.

Positioning Insights—Understanding the New Sales Conversation: If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Insights are only good if they connect with the listener and provide real value that can be spread through the target organization. Managing that conversation well is a crucial part of insightful selling, and requires sales patterns new to many.

Targeting Insights for Follow-through: Insightful selling requires not only good research and delivery, but careful tailoring and targeting within an organization to achieve strong follow through in the sales process. This module lets participants have the chance to try on preparing for a sample case using insights targeted for real action.

Sample Activities:

  • Client analysis: determining who insights are best used with
  • Insight generation using systematic tools
  • Insight selling simulation and feedback
  • Insight customization
  • Cross functional discussion and planning for better insight generation and management

Optional Modules:

Consultative Refresh: Some teams may need a refresh of training on core consultative techniques of questioning and rapport building before adding insightful selling to their toolkit. This module makes sure everyone has the right foundation to build on.

Supporting Insight Selling: Insightful selling is a team effort. While lone individuals can apply consultative techniques, the valuable skill of insightful selling requires full cross functional cooperation to be truly effective. How to encourage that and manage it as a workflow is examined here.

Selling Across Cultures: What intercultural differences affect our ability to generate and utilize insights across cultures? This module explores specific challenges that arise and adjustments to be considered depending on sales context.



Want to Know More?

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Training is available to be delivered in a variety of lengths and for different group size and ability levels. It is differentiated industry by industry, as well as customized with specialized case studies to meet the unique needs of each organization. For information on formats see a brief overview here, or get in touch with us at joshua@1221.blue. We’re happy to tailor our programs to your specific needs!

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