What’s the Challenge?

Decision making, especially between diverse groups and cultures, is an essential and very important skill in the business tool kit of professionals in the 21st century. Especially in a fast business environment, you need to make sure your actions and decisions are founded on reality. Similarly, when you accept or challenge other people’s conclusions, you need be confident that their reasoning, and yours, is firmly based on the true facts. The tools covered in our workshop help you understand the thinking steps that can lead you to jump to wrong conclusions, and so helps you get back to hard reality and facts.

Key Take-Aways

  • Focus on the “true” problem
  • Locate themselves in the bigger picture in their decision making process with greater versatility and mind flexibility.
  • Prioritize problems and decide which problems should get attention 
  “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” —  Abraham Maslow

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”
 Abraham Maslow

Core Modules Include

Pre-session: A brief online assessment of problem solving/decision making style and program goals along with a short 3 page pre-reading.

Getting to the Root: This module gets down to the core of decision making— better establishing what the real root problem/cause, a fundamental building block for everything that comes after.

Gathering Intelligence: How often do we really gather enough information to make the right choices, to solve the right challenges? This module looks at systematic methods for gathering quantitative and qualitative data to make better decisions, as well as looking at the ways some organizations automate the data gathering process.

Preempting Biases: We all make errors, predictably, in our thinking. This module raises awareness of the most common errors people make through fun interactive exercises, and how to prevent them, a crucial step to better decision making.

Generating Ideas/Brainstorming: How can we best generate lots of good ideas, rather than following the same paths we always do? This module will explore methods for generating many ideas quickly.

Facilitating Discussion & Decision Making: Having many ideas is a great first step..but how do we choose the right path among many? How do we refine our ideas and make sure everyone is on board for the next steps? This module lets participants try on systematic decision making practices, as well as methods of incorporating multiple views and data sets into justifiable, actionable, solution paths.

Managing Implementation & Feedback: A good decision is nothing without follow through and feedback, a loop that closes the cycle and provides positive data for the next iteration. Here we end our seminar by looking at ways to ensure decisions have owners, deadlines, and measures to make certain next steps are taken.

Sample Activities

  • Decision making simulations
  • Walkthrough of real client case decision
  • Problem Solving Olympics
  • Bias Quiz
  • Decision Making Style Profiling

Optional Modules

Assertive Speaking: How can we avoid being passive in conversations, without becoming aggressive? For people to work and decide together well it is necessary to have positive assertive communication, a skillset that can be learned with the proper application of interactive techniques.

Leading Decision Teams: Do you practice leadership…or LOUDERship? Running a good strategic problem solving or decision making session requires a delicate balance of guidance and group facilitation to make sure the process progresses and every voice is heard.

Advanced Decision Making Methods: Is your team stuck? A tour of even more advanced decision making methods for teams that have tried it all.


Want to Know More?

Download our 2015 training brochure here.

Training is available to be delivered in a variety of lengths and for different group size and ability levels. It is differentiated industry by industry, as well as customized with specialized case studies to meet the unique needs of each organization. For information on formats see a brief overview here, or get in touch with us at joshua@1221.blue. We’re happy to tailor our programs to your specific needs!

If you're looking for books, articles, and other websites on this topic please check out our free Research & Resources section.

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Building Influence: When working internally the ability to positively develop rapport and generate commitment, rather than just compliance, for your ideas is crucial to clear decision-making. The path to that, is through real strategic influence.

Powerful Speaking: How well one speaks and organizes their message, as well as how one delivers that message with charismatic presence, has a great impact on the overall effectiveness of influence with decision making. This course trains participants on both prepared and impromptu persuasion settings.

Business Writing: Increasingly large parts of decision making are being done by distance via email. Learn to make certain your voice is heard and your message stays on track with better writing skills.