Joshua Davies

1221  Founder & Principal Consultant


Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Joshua Davies has spent the last 15 years working internationally, with the last 10 based in Asia. In the Asia-Pacific, he has trained professionally in:  Korea, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and India.

Previously faculty at Yonsei and Sungkyunkwan University, Joshua is a frequent invited speaker at business and education conferences in the region on the topics of persuasive communication and audience engagement. A trainer’s trainer, he has served as the head of teacher training, actively training those who train to train better. What this means? Your programs will not put participants to sleep, but will fully engage them in the process.

Additionally he devotes significant time serving as the director of The Giving Speech (, a non-profit communications group that provides resources to NGOs and non-profits worldwide, with the philosophy “We help those who do good, to do better.”


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  • Harvard Program on Negotiation (Harvard Law)
  • Corporate Coaching Certification (Coach U)
  • Teamwork Across Cultures Certification (Dale Carnegie)
  • Negotiation (University of Windsor Law School)
  • Negotiation & Conflict Management (USIP)
  • Conflict Analysis (USIP)
  • Advanced Micro-Expression Training (Eckman)
  • Facilitation (University of New Mexico)
  • Advanced Conflict Analysis (Kilmann Diagnostics)


  • American Society for Training & Development
  • Association of Professional Business Writers
  • Association for Business Communication
  • International Leadership Association
  • International Coach Federation
  • International Mentoring Network Organization
  • International Speech Communication Association
  • National Communication Association
  • Society for New Communications Research
  • Toastmasters International

What makes us different?

We feature a unique blend of 3 distinct bases: education, business, and research.

  • Education: with a Masters in the Science of Education, we embed the latest adult learning techniques into our sessions to maximize knowledge transfer and application.

  • Business: over the last decade in Asia we’ve had the experience training thousands of participants from a wide variety of industries— finance, insurance/reinsurance, high-tech, pharmaceutical/medical, manufacturing, and fashion, among others. With this background all program sessions have gone through many rounds of feedback to the point were they are now thoroughly field-tested to provide maximum impact.
  • Research: in addition to keeping up with recent research in Asia-focused persuasive communications, we actively conduct ongoing research studies with a number of our  clients, ensuring that what we train in the classroom fits the best possible model.

Taken together we feel that these 3 elements allow us to deliver sessions that consistently deliver on and exceed client expectations.


  • Consultation: an initial session with your to determine needs and goals.
  • Assessment: professional assessment of participants as needed.
  • Customization: tailoring of program case studies and materials based on assessment and consultation feedback.
  • Delivery: training is available to be delivered in a variety of lengths and for different group size and ability levels (see below). It is differentiated industry by industry, as well as customized with specialized case studies to meet the unique needs of each organization.
  • Follow-up: face to face as ell as online pos assessment and follow up resources and measurements are availble to ensure strong ROI.


  • Traditional session format: The global training standard, available in half day, full day, or 2 day sessions, this format is good for groups of 8 to 16 participants. Need a larger group? It is possible: as long as we’re aware of the trade-offs.
  • Express Sessions (“Lunch and Learn”): When time or buy-in is a factor, 90min-2 hour express sessions are a great way to cover a few key learning points in highly motivated short intensives with groups up to 24.
  • Mixed Intensive Format (MIF): A balanced mix of morning whole group intensive (3 hours, up to 16 delegates), and afternoon small group/one-on-one sessions for personal attention & feedback. MIF delivers the strongest ROI of any group session.
  • VC/Blended Training: Increasingly organizations are looking for ways to save travel costs by de-locating sessions and hosting sessions via video conferencing and online blended learning.
  • Executive Coaching: Busy top executives often lack the time for long group training, as well as preferring the privacy and personal attention one-on-one coaching provides. 1221 Consulting delivers continued growth that fits your schedule.
  • Mixed Intensive Coaching: Ideal for busy executives, 3-2-1 combines a 3 hour group intensive training session (to develop a common language and build and assess core strengths), followed by small group & monthly individual coaching follow-ups to drive home key areas for growth. An ideal mix of time/value for tight schedules.

What if you need a subject we don’t offer?

Our 7 key themes are highly modular and can be mixed and matched to meet many unique training specifications. If we don’t feel we can provide a solution that clearly meets your needs then we will do our best to connect you to our colleagues in the field, a service for which neither you, nor the training contact will ever be charged. Why for free? It’s important to our work ethos that facilitating connections between organizations and proper trainer/training fit never carry a service fee, as it gets in the way of making the best learning fit when payment is brought into the equation.

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